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Why Anti-Aging?

Nature heals and nature cures. And on Natural Health Source, there's a natural anti-aging remedy to suit your needs.


In our anti-aging selection of products, you'll find supplements for your skin, for your breasts, hair loss for men and growth hormone supplements that will put a little spring in your step.


An anti-wrinkle cream, for example, employs natural skin care ingredients like retinol and beta glucan. Look at our anti-wrinkle product line to see how they'll reduce wrinkles, restore collagen and bring youth to your face.


Here's a taste of what you can expect, and how the products on Natural Health Source harness the power of nature to take years off your body.


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Top Anti-Aging Foods


Dark Chocolate



Collagen Protein

Chaga Mushrooms


Bone Broth




Pursue Your Partner At Every Stage Of  Marriage

13 things all couples do who have an amazing sex life


  1. They say “I love you” every day and mean it

  2. They kiss one another passionately for no reason

  3. They give surprise romantic gifts

  4. They know what turns their partners on and off erotically

  5. They are physically affectionate, even in public

  6. They keep playing and having fun together

  7. They cuddle

  8. They make sex a priority, not the last item of a long to-do list

  9. They stay good friends

  10. They can talk comfortably about their sex life

  11. They have weekly dates

  12. They take romantic vacations

  13. They are mindful about turning toward each other



“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.”

Helen Keller

How is male enhancement different than Viagra?

Viagra is a pharmaceutical drug available only through a doctor prescription. Viagra does not address the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction and reduced libido and merely produces an erection with each pill. Viagra also comes with side effects, including head aches, congestion and blurry vision.
A quality male enhancement pill is a natural supplement that stimulates blood flow to the penis and infuses the male reproductive system with nutrients that boost sexual health. Unlike Viagra, male enhancement pills create the conditions required for instant arousal and restored sex drive.

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Can we stay young forever, or even recapture lost youth?

Powerful Supplements For Your Telomeres

Astragalus Root

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin D

Reishi Mushrooms

Tumeric Tincture Form

Healthy Diet

What are telomeres?

In the nucleus of each of the billions of cells that compose our bodies, chromosomes make up DNA. At the end of every chromosome, you can find small structures called telomeres. They progressively get shorter with time, and their length can be linked to age.

Telomeres are ribonucleoprotein complexes found at the extremities of chromosomes. They correspond to tandem repetitions of nucleotide sequences (TTTAGG) that shrink with each cellular replication. Throughout life, cells multiply. They accumulate cycles of division and replication, in order to renew damaged cells and tissue. In an aged organism, that is when telomere shortening occurs [1]. In this article, we will be looking at the way telomeres work and at the impact of their shortening on the body as a whole.

Anti-Aging Secret

By Jill Provost

Put away the night creams and serums; the secret to a more youthful glow isn’t in a jar but in the sack, according to a British researcher. A healthy sex life, especially in your later years, can make you look five to seven years younger, says psychologist David Weeks, Ph.D.  

Getting frisky between the sheets (or anywhere else for that matter) leads to the release of human growth hormones that make the skin look more elastic, reports Weeks. Bouncy, resilient skin means fewer wrinkles and less sagging. In addition, working up a sweat in bed can trigger the release of feel-good hormones endorphins (those chemicals that give you a runner’s high), which reduce pain and anxiety—thus helping you sleep better. All these things add up to a bigger spring in your step and a more youthful appearance.


To test these theories, Weeks spent a decade polling men and women about their sex lives. He found that those who looked younger than their age boasted having sex an average of three times a week—50 percent more than those who looked their age or older. Well, no wonder I’m starting to look like an old hag.  

If you think a wham, bam, thank you, ma’am type of encounter is going to chase away the laugh lines, guess again. You can’t just tell your hubby to hop on and get it over with so you can forego your lunchtime face-lift. According to Weeks, the pleasure derived from a roll in the hay is a “crucial factor” in preserving one’s youthfulness. Weeks's previous research found that frequent, enjoyable sex also helps you live longer. And to think I’ve been wasting all this time eating kale and broccoli salads. If you’ll excuse me, I have a new anti-aging regimen to attend to.